New Category Alert! Friday Top 5.

For those who have read my blog so far, you realize that I post on a bunch of different topics like mustaches, coffee, and job hunting and sometimes it seems a little random.  You never know what you’re going to get or what kind of tangent I’m going to go off on, and I kinda like that.

That being said, I’d like to add a little consistency to both your life as well as mine so I’ve decided to add a recurring post theme. And if you can read blog titles, which I assume you can, you know already that I’ll be starting a Friday Top 5.  Every Friday, I’ll post some sort of Top 5 list with a range of different topics. Here are a few I’m kicking around right now.

  • Top 5 ways to lose friends on Facebook
  • Top 5 reasons to watch Boy Meets World
  • Top 5 dance moves to pull out in a dance circle
  • Top 5 ways to avoid giving a homeless guy change

So I think you get the picture. I’d also like to offer up an opportunity for you guys to do some writing as well. If you think you’ve got a great idea for a Top 5 list, send it over to me and if it’s funny, but not funny enough for me to just claim it as my own and take all the credit, I’ll post it for you.

That is all for now!


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