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Well, well, well. Look what we’ve got here.

Hello World. Yes, it’s me, Adam. I am back to blogging. I can’t even imagine how you guys have survived without me, but its okay because your days of suffering are over.

Ok now that I got that out of the way, it’s time to get down to business. I created this blog. I paid for this domain. I’m ready to write. I’m ready for you to read and laugh and comment and, who knows, maybe even learn. There’s only one problem. I have absolutely no idea what this blog is about. For God’s sake, the name of this blog is Bloggy. (I plan to remove creativity as a strength from my resume as soon as I’m done here.) Anyway, I don’t know why it exists. I don’t know why you want to read it. I just know it’s going to be awesome and you’re going to be awesomer for having read it.

I’m going to spend the next couple of days trying to figure out what this behemoth is going to be all about. If you’d like you can make suggestions as well and I may even take one. In fact, I’ve already gotten a few suggestions like:

  • Adam Explores Cooking – (problem is I don’t. I just make chicken and rice and you all know that)
  • What It’s Like to be Armenian-American – (once again, I honestly don’t know what it’s like)
  • The Challenges of Getting Hired – (It’s true. This I have mastered. Problem is, it’s just going to be me bitching and no one wants that)
  • Where’s My Gyro – (a breakdown of every place in NYC to get a gyro)
  • I’m A Self-Writing Blog: A self-writing blog that blogs about the challenges of self-writing (I’m not big on paradoxical situations)

So that’s what I’m working with right now. If you’ve got anything better I’d love to hear it. Until then. Farewell and godspeed.